Yutakis loves all things Japanese and Korean. Having lived in Japan, China and then Singapore, Yutakis comes from a rich cultural background. His lifestyle blog is dedicated to travel musings, food discoveries and male beauty tips, among many other things.

Having published three photobooks that are also available online, Yutakis’ photography skills are evident through the meticulously directed, shot, and edited photos on his blog. Through the blog, he connects with his readers who are like-minded J-pop and K-pop fans, also providing them with travel and fashion tips. Males who are seeking beauty advice also head to his blog for recommendations on skincare targeted to males.

His unique personal style allows both male and female readers to relate to him easily. He believes in finding one’s individual style and inspires his readers to do the same by being creative and thinking out of the box.

Yutakis has worked with brands like MISSHA, Kiehl’s, KFC, Singsale and has also been featured on offline publications like Cosmopolitan.

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