Yina is the founder of online boutique The Velvet Dolls (the name is derived from her love for Russian Dolls). She manages the daily operations of her online business and works with her team to manufacture her own designs and launch collections regularly. When she isn’t busy with that, she writes at

Yina is well-known for her free and easy approach to life. Previously a graphic illustrator, it is no surprise that her media presence is well-designed and artistic. Her creativity reflects a loud personality, and she is one to challenge the ordinary.

With porcelain skin and a sweet smile, Yina travels often and sure knows how to look her best as she shops around the world. She never stops searching for new beauty products, shares reviews and  make-up tricks, and recommends different brands on her blog. Yina also loves to sing! She has participated in several singing competitions emerging as one of the top finalists. She has sung for many gigs, weddings and also travels abroad with her choir group to perform. 

Yina has worked with many brands such as Olympus, Laneige, Biore, Kotex, Aldo, Nescafe and the Singapore Police Force.

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