Xin Lin writes about her life, fashion, travels, as well as shares recommendations for affordable food, beauty products and shopping. As a student, Xin Lin understands the pains of being bound by a budget and loves to share about good finds. When Xin Lin’s not blogging, you can find her pursuing her passions actively. While often mistaken as an athlete due to her tanned physique, Xin Lin is in fact an avid dancer. She started dancing since she was 8, and quite unusually, proclaims her favourite dance genre to be Chinese Classical Dance.

Xin Lin is also an adventurous and keen seeker of new things to try. From new places to visit to new opportunities, she takes new challenges on boldly. Her willingness and versatility has since landed her featured roles in print advertisements and TV commercials.

Some of the notable clients she has worked with include Daniel Wellington, Starhub, NIVEA, Caring Skin and Orchard Central.

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