Hosanna is one attention-grabbing fashionista that you will never miss! A fashion-trend chameleon, you’ll never know what her next get-up will be. Her effortless and bold sense of style makes her a stand-out in the crowd, and she just oozes the IT factor with her well-curated shots and postings.

Her site is an avenue not only for her to document her visuals, inspirations and personal thoughts on food, travel, style and photography. Recently, she has taken her interest in photography a step further and ventured into food photography with a curious twist – a delightful feast for readers’ eyes and bellies!

Over the years, her blog has grown to encompass all other aspects of her life, including food, beauty and travel. Hosanna’s impeccable style and stunning pictures make her blog a feast for the eyes.

Hosanna has worked with brands such as Starhub, Jipaban and Resort World Genting.

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