Samantha dabbles with marketing by day, and is a beauty writer by night. is an avenue for her to connect more closely with her readers and shares her tips and tricks with them! With her sunshine smile, it is no wonder why she is adored by her readers!

She spends her weekends doing what she loves best – coming up with new content for her blog and her favorite beauty reviews to keep her readers interested.

Samantha’s bubbly and meticulous character can be seen in her blogposts, where she carefully ensures that her photos are taken to perfection and her posts are concise and easy to understand, especially for her new readers.

For a more laid-back side of Samantha, head over to her Dayre where she causally banters about everyday life and her morning musings while on the way to work.

Some of the notable brands Samantha has worked with are Bio-Essence, Shu Uemura, BRANDS Innershine, Oral B, and many more.

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