Dee is a mother of two and the creative mind behind her parenting blog, Prune+Nurture. Prune+Nurture derives its name from “pruning the character, nurturing the child”. It’s an easy, light-hearted and honest read from the perspective of a Singaporean mum.

Being the mother of her active daughter, Dorothy, Dee started her blog to document her daughter’s growth, but it soon became a platform for her to share her parenting experiences with other parents.

She also uses the blog to share the value of nature play and hands-on learning, narrating the various activities Dorothy partakes in, including baking, cooking and designing and creating crafts. Not only that, Dee also share the value of healthy eating to build a healthy mind and healthy body.

Dee was a finalist in the Best Parenting Blog category at the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011. She has worked with notable brands, which include Dettol, Kao Magic Clean and Kao Merries.

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