Menu is a lifestyle blog by Eurasian Singaporean, Noel, who loves sharing exciting experiences and new discoveries. With his daring and sporting personality, Noel takes on new challenges that will pique your interest.

Noel is a dynamic master of ceremony that has performed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India. His fun personality enables him to capture his crowd’s attention at every performance. He enjoys emceeing, as his motto goes, “Live and breathe to entertain, that’s exactly what I was born to do.” is a platform for Noel to share his love for products and services he advocates, and his posts are based on his honest, humble opinions. Ink Art is his greatest interest, and he is also an avid sports fan. He is constantly keeping himself abreast with the latest updates of soccer matches, wrestling competitions and other competitive sports.

He has worked with a diverse clientele, ranging from Sony Pictures, KFC, Philips, NEA, Nokia, Dell and Renoma.

Noel recently started a new web television series called “Ghost Files Singapore” where his team of paranormal investigators explore different reputedly haunted locations island wide, bringing viewers on a ghastly adventure. Spooky as it sounds, but it sure garnered a lot of support from the paranormal enthusiasts.

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