A strong fitness advocate, Limaran firmly believes in empowering women through exercising and staying healthy. She was introduced into the world of fitness through her partner, and the rest, like they say, is history.

‘Couple that works out together, stays together’ holds true for Limaran and her husband. Not only do they exercise together, their dates are usually spent at a gym squeezing some workout into their tight schedule!

Apart from being in the gym all day, Limaran is your typical girl next day where she loves to dress up and have fun with her girlfriends on her off days. Her blog is an extension of her social media accounts, where she chronicles her life, which fundamentally serves as a fitness and fashion inspiration to her followers.

Currently hosting Shape Up on Reelity.TV, Limaran shares with us her very own fitness tips and quick exercise routines to keep fit without having to compromise on your social life!

Some notable clients Limaran has worked with are ELLE, NTUC Plus, Bausch and Lomb, Omical, and Coke.

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