KELINE is your bubbly girl-next-door, relatable and approachable! Keline engages with her followers through her simple and humble take on life, relationships and indulges her readers with her comprehensive blog posts that archives travelogues, product reviews, beauty regimes and her everyday misadventures.

Keline shares her stories on her Dayre as well, building good connections with her readers who understands her as a personality. Her delightfully sweet and simple style is highly appealing to her followers and she’s one whom everyone would love to be friends with! is where Keline updates about her daily life and new finds in town. Despite her busy schedule juggling between blogging and her boyfriend’s printing company, Keline is a family-oriented person who enjoys laid-back, simple afternoons at home with her parents and little nephew. On random days, she would design a little as a hobby.

Some notable clients Keline has worked with are Benefit Cosmetics, Shunji Matsuo, SK-II, Biore and many others.

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Keline - 29