Joyce is one of the pioneers for providing variety in the online shopping scene since she is the owner of popular online store, The Tinsel Rack. Joyce aspires to build an empire of her own, a little at a time. She initially started her lifestyle blog for her shoppers to gain an insight on her day-to-day on-goings. Her passion for writing grew overtime and garnered her loyal readers over the years.

Due to the nature of her job, she travels frequently and often shares her adventures with her readers. Be awed by her pictures (and her large collection of shoes) – they reflect her versatile fashion sense!

She loves the colour yellow and is an animal lover. She often shares interesting and cute occurrences of her dog, Xiaobai and her two bunnies – Naicha and Xiaobudian – across her social media platforms. Joyce loves all things cheery,  and enjoys indulging in anything girly! Readers look up to her happy-go-lucky approach to life, and look forward to her joyful postings.

Joyce has worked with brands such as Browhaus, Kotex, Strangers’ Reunion, Singtel, Somersby and PUB Singapore.

Work with Joyce