Jayne chronicles her daily musings, travel adventures and personal antics. She believes in being comfortable in her own skin without having to compromise on style. While she sticks closely to basics most of the time, she always manages to look effortlessly chic.

As a newlywed, readers can now gain an insight to her life as a wife and new home-owner. Not just your regular pretty face, Jayne is humorous, witty, open and honest in her daily ramblings. Her love for fashion also gives her a unique sense of style. This sweet yet spunky lady is never afraid to venture out of her comfort zone! 

Jayne grew up in a close-knitted family and usually spends her weekends happily catching up with her loved ones. She ensures that she spends quality time with her family, particularly with her sister, her adorable nephew, niece and her beloved dog Momo. 

Jayne has worked with companies and brands like Maybank, The Body Shop, Olympus and Sephora and has been also been featured on 8 Days Magazine and Club Pets Magazine together with her fiance cum local DJ, Vernon.

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