COLLIN ‘s blog is an easy, happy-go-lucky and genuine read that is parent and father-centric.

Armed with a strong desire to document every single moment of his new baby’s childhood and to inspire others to foster healthy families, he decided to actively pen down his personal journey as a father and husband since mid-2014. As a new daddy, Collin enjoys documenting his son’s milestones and any difficulties he faced while being a new parent to his son.

Through his light hearted posts, Collin’s unconditional love for his son shines through, especially so with a virtual heartfelt message to his son on every milestones. Collin has absolutely no qualms about sharing useful and honest guidance and information with his followers – from his rewarding fun family adventures to utilizing products essential to his child’s growth and development.

Some brands Collin has worked with include W Singapore and NTUC Income.

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