“Oh my gosh, I’m so full.  My belly is going to EXPLODE!” – Sounds familiar?  That was how the name Explodingbelly came about.

As an active basketball player, Clara has competed on both national and international arenas for the past 14 years. Due to her active lifestyle, she tends to get hungry easily and eats.  A lot. Jumping on to the bandwagon of the café-hopping culture in Singapore, she began to develop a love for discovering new places to go and trying out new food.  With each café struck off her list and listening to her peers’ tireless complaints about bad food experiences, she realized that she could use a platform to share her experiences; hence Explodingbelly was born in 2015.

Clara is a firm believer of striking a balance between leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying good food.  She does that through sharing her sporting experiences, diet tips and products amidst the food reviews.  What differentiates Explodingbelly from the other food blogs is the personal touch as she uses her sense of humor to deliver her reviews in the most genuine fashion.

In 2016, Clara has also moved on to share her travel experiences (and food, of course!) with her readers, and has even came up with a few travel guides to help them on the planning of their trip.  With her open and bubbly personality, Clara is constantly on a lookout for new experiences to curate interesting content to write and share with everyone.

A few notable clients that Explodingbelly has worked with include Daniel Wellington, LG, Fitbit, Peel Fresh, Milo and Vitagen.

Work with Clara Chua


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