Qiuting is an entrepreneur, host of online show “Budget Barbie” and one of Singapore’s leading bloggers. Qiuting’s down-to-earth personality and humour are the reasons why her readers love her! started off as a documentation of her daily life with her friends, partner and family. Her humour and frankness allow her readers to resonate with her personal stories. Her inviting dimpled smile and pleasant demeanour also make her a joy to be around. Despite being an online personality with a huge following, she remains a humble and genuine person.

Qiuting is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. As the host of “Budget Barbie”, she is a prudent and practical person who believes in quality as much as value.

She was also featured on different media platforms such as The Straits Times, MyPaper and CLEO Magazine. Qiuting has also worked with notable brands many of which include Laniege, Kao, GUESS, Philips, KFC, SMRT, PUB, Shishedo and Cineleisure.

She makes known unabashedly of her love of her family which includes her newly born child – Baby Meredith, husband and two dogs. If she is not busy blogging, you can expect to find her spending time with her family and loved ones, especially her baby girl and her niece!

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