What started as a storyboard about his children’s growing up years has led to a full-fledged blog with a strong following for Andy. His blog,, is a dedication to his 4 children’s milestones and memories together.

Besides chronicling his children’s growth, Andy also aims to influence parents to engage and have fun with their children in everyday life. He is constantly discovering innovative and exciting family activities each week, and adventures can range from playing dodge ball at a trampoline park to a simple day by the beach. By living by his belief that fun can be had by children anytime and anywhere, he inspires parents to seek for a healthier parent-child relationship through quality family time.

Andy also shares useful parenting tips as well as daily muses about fatherhood to his readers. When not blogging, the father of 4 can also be found volunteering his services with his children at various organizations.

Andy has worked with notable brands such as Toshiba, Cebu Air, Dutch Lady and Koobits.

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